woensdag 14 april 2010

New Releases.....And sum gigs!

Yes, we´re on it again!
I´ve got sum really nice news for y´all....

What do you think of a new beattape from Hicks Phonix!!
He´s on it and i heard sum beats who are really ridiculous , so keep ya eye on this one called ´Starships and Boomboxes Vol. 1´
There is also one feature with me! A really nice beat! So just wait for this one!

Y´all know Brand, he´s busy on his EP called ´BrandPunt´ this will become a classic!!!!
The productions are done by Hicks Phonix, and there´s also one beat by Kijk Een Ster!
He´s also releasing sum videoclips, so this is gonna be Massive-ive-ive-ive....

Geckusman is still busy with 'Geckuswerk'.
This one is also a classic in the making, just sum fresh raps with bangin' beats!
'Geckus' is a rapper who's workin' really hard,
you can all hear it back on his CD, so be prepared!!!

I already mentioned Kijk Een Ster, a Utrecht/Heerlen based producer, who's really busy with his beats!
He's gonna do an international project, I can't say much about that this time...
But he's also wit a side project called 'Leppa' with Heerlen based producer 'Raadsel', a producer to keep ya eye on!!
Last sunday we did a collabo and made a really really experimental tune!
I heard all them tunes and they are really fresh!! So whatch it!
He's also busy on a project called 'Praatsessie' with rapper Kletsnat.
This project will be released before the summer, and I can say it's gonna be a nice one!

Dubstep youngsta' Mattizm is still producing for his debut which is gonna blow all ya asses away!
This is all I gonna say about this talent, just be patience!!

And last but not least......
Subp Yao is really busy on his new tunes so be sure yo keep checkin' this blog.
You can expect sum bangin' dubstep tunes and an unnamed beattape....
A track made with Utrecht based rapper Samuel called 'Mijn Dimensie' will be released soon with a really nice clip made by Tony Montage!!
Also another 'grimey' tune will be released with a clip, and again it's Deventer based moviemaker Tony Montage!!!
So this is gonna be MENTAL! I warned ya!! Pow!
From now on follow me on Twitter @SubpYao


For the Dubheads; i'll see you in "the Industry' at Heerlen on the 23th of April!!
Mattizm, MontiDubz, Yesjar?! and Subp Yao will play all night long the best dubstep
for you and it's free, so no excuse, I'll see ya!!

for the HipHopheads; I'll see you in 'De Groene Engel' at Oss on the 24th of April!!
Fakkelbrigade will perform that night and also Brand is doin' his showcase!
Host of the night is Hicks Phonix and i'm the DJ of the night!
So be prepared for sum bangin' HipHop, it's gonna be raw!!

sum links for all those dope ass artist above!


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